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Infinite Area

Montebelluna - Treviso - ITALY

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Project Description

Located in Montebelluna (Treviso, Italy), in the heart of the Sport System District, one of the most important industrial areas in Europe, Infinite Area is the result of the conversion of an abandoned factory in a dynamic and innovative coworking campus.

The campus comprises two main buildings, called the Hangar and the PAT Area. The Hangar looks like a modern parallelepiped made of glass and concrete smartly laying on an emerald garden.

The project required an intense effort to adapt the existing spaces to the new function of the building while preserving its original industrial style.

The heaviness of the shell of the building is contrasted by the lightness of the materials used for the interiors, such as glass, timber and steel.

In the same way, the coldness of the concrete and the industrial resin floors is reduced through the introduction of colourful supergraphics, which are functional to the campus wayfinding.

Office/Coworking space

Gross Internal Area

Project Type

2018 - 2019



Project Phase

Construction Cost


750 m²



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