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Rosebury Farm

Goff's Oak - London - UK

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Project Description

The project site lies within the Metropolitan Green Belt of Broxbourne District in the country of Hertfordshire, in the suburbs of London.

Strong consideration is given to the impact of the development on the openness of the greenbelt and how this can be mitigated through the careful design of the whole scheme and the landscape, not just the physical buildings.

The project intent is to create a self-build dwelling for the Client (Plot 1) along with two other custom build homes for sale (Plot 2 and 3). In this respect, the proposed design tries to make best use of the site to create three energy efficient, sustainable and accessible homes.

The three properties are each unique but share the architectural style and material palette. The soft stagger of the form avoids a "boxy" feeling and provide visual interest. The massing of each dwelling is dissipated through the use of materials, stepped facades and the introduction of green walls that link the houses to the surrounding landscape.

All the three houses offer open plan well proportioned accommodation, with the primary living spaces on the ground floor. Plot 1 also has a bedroom suite at ground floor level for an elderly relative.


Gross Internal Area

Project Type

2019 - Ongoing

Under design


Project Phase

Construction Cost


2,100 m²

£ 6,000,000


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