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Devonia Road

Islington - London - UK

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Project Description

The existing building is a traditional Victorian house with the backyard garden accessible from the lower ground floor level. The living room on the ground floor faces the roadside and it is not visually connected to the garden. Two bedrooms are located on the first floor, while the loft space remains unused.

The scope of the project is limited only to the refurbishment of the lower ground floor and the conversion of the loft into a double bedroom.

The design intent is to create a stronger relation between the internal spaces and the rear garden. On the lower ground floor, the living room is merged to the dining area, thus, resulting in a bigger space that opens towards both the sides of the house.

The loft extension guarantees enough space to create a generous en suite double bedroom. The room benefits from new openings and a south facing balcony.


Gross Internal Area

Project Type

2017 - Not built

Design completed


Project Phase

Construction Cost


80 m²



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