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The dual structure of our studio is based on the close collaboration of a design team and a dedicated BIM & Computational team. Depending on client's expectations, we act both as designers and BIM consultants, or lead only the BIM workflow.

Our projects range from architectural, interior and industrial design to specialised BIM consultancies, in which case we don't influence the design but offer our computational expertise in support of external design teams.

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Rosebury Farm
London (UK)
2019 - Under design
Raynes Park
London (UK)
2019 - In construction
Infinite Area
Montebelluna (Italy)
2018/19 - Completed
Ratcliffe Cross Street
London (UK)
2018 - BIM Consultancy
Chelsea Bridge
London (UK)
2018/19 - Completed
London (UK)
2018/19 - Completed
London (UK)
2017/19 - In construction
London (UK)
2017 - Design completed
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